Jeffrey offers a wide variety of entertaining magical programs that are suitable for virtually any situation, large or small, indoors or out. Each presentation may be customized to convey any message, theme, holiday, or product promotion! Jeffrey’s intriguing theatrical presentations are the perfect way to keep your guests talking about your event for a long time to come!

Street Magic

Jeffrey's Street Magic Act was created with indoor and outdoor festivals and fairs in mind. Jeffrey strolls around the area, stopping to perform a series of 15 to 20 minute presentations featuring dazzling sleight of hand, hilarious sight gags, and delightful audience interaction. No special space or equipment is needed for this entertaining and highly portable show, making it perfect for any situation where there are large groups of people. Highlights from the act include the catching of a selected playing card on the tip of a sword, amazing miracles with ropes, coins and colorful silk scarves, and Jeffrey's prize-winning demonstration of the classic Cups and Balls Illusion, performed just as it was over a thousand years ago!

Intimate Magic

This program contains intimate close-up sleight of hand magic and is suitable for cocktail parties, trade show booths, hospitality suites, and similar occasions. Use Jeffrey’s Strolling Magic program to take the edge off of long waits at your busy restaurant, or Jeffrey’s Bar Magic show to bring a bit of class and pizzazz to your bar or nightclub. Highlights from this performance are Jeffrey’s masterful demonstrations with playing cards, coins that appear, vanish , multiply, and grow to enormous sizes, levitations of small objects, and a borrowed and signed bank note that vanishes and then reappears... inside a lemon! This program will leave guests raving about your special event for years to come!

Parlor Magic

The Parlor act was created for the small party or banquet planner with a modest budget. The show is a solo act featuring magic, comedy, and audience participation. The performance may be customized to fit a particular theme and generally runs 45 to 60 minutes (the time may be adjusted to suit your needs). Beginning with a display of Jeffrey's award-winning sleight of hand performed to music, the show continues with magic and comedy entertainment such as Jeffrey's beautiful rope illusion, where a rope mysteriously grows, shrinks, multiplies, divides and melts together. Borrowed objects vanish and appear in impossible places, and bottles appear out of thin air. A high point in the act involves Jeffrey attempting to teach the audience a trick, and ending up almost as confused as the crowd by the end! The show concludes with a large stage illusion such as the hysterical Guillotine illusion with a person from the audience (great for the boss or guest of honor!).

Cabaret Magic

The Cabaret Magic Program is ideal for medium to large groups with moderate budgets, and fits into just about any banquet hall sized venue. In addition to the comedy, magic, and audience participation contained in Jeffrey's Parlor Magic Program, this show also contains a beautiful costumed lady assistant and features large stage illusions. The program begins with Jeffrey's award-winning dove production act. Beautiful white doves appear at Jeffrey's fingertips out of nowhere. The doves are placed into a cage that visibly vanishes into thin air, birds and all! Also featured in the program is the hilarious Guillotine illusion with a volunteer from the crowd, and Jeffrey's signature Sphere illusion, in which a mysterious silver ball comes to life and floats about the stage area. Though control of seating arrangements and room activity is necessary, no special riggings or stage are needed for this program, making it perfect for parties, banquet halls, civic clubs, gymnasiums, and platforms.

Grand Illusions

For those who wish something truly special for their event, Jeffrey offers Grand Illusions, a spectacular stage show featuring comedy, audience participation, lights, fog, music, two lady assistants, and dazzling magic and illusion. This program begins with Jeffrey’s magical appearance from thin air, followed by his prize-winning dove production act. Other acts include the hysterical Guillotine illusion with a volunteer from the audience, a beautiful levitation, or a modern version of Houdini’s Metamorphosis, the fastest illusion in the world! This program is an hour in length and may be performed on indoor or outdoor stages, large banquet halls, theaters, and gymnasiums. As with any of Jeffrey’s programs, this performance may be tailored to a particular holiday or theme.