About Jeffrey

Jeffrey Jene's introduction to the incredible world of magic and illusion began at the age of six, when he first saw a magician perform at a company Christmas party. Many years later his interest in sleight of hand was rekindled by an employer who taught him a simple coin effect. Jeffrey was fascinated by a very difficult form of magic known as manipulation, and practice and rehearsed many hours a day to perfect this art. To improve his stage presence, Jeffrey participated in improvisational comedy workshops and open mike nights, along with some help and tutelage from expert magicians and entertainers. His efforts paid off in 1994 when he was presented with the Houdini Trophy for Excellence in Stage Magic, and again in 1995 with the Houdini Award for Best Close-Up Magician. Today, Jeffrey Jene resides in historic upstate New York, where he continues to develop and present his astonishing miracles.